Adam Remmel

ANSYS has recently partnered with Motion, a dedicated multi body dynamics tool. ANSYS Motion has many strengths including:

Fast simulation speed – ANSYS Motion super solver can accelerate the simulation speed for a large degree of freedom systems. The speed can be further accelerated under SMP parallel processing environment.

Reliable and accurate solution – Implicit integration method yields stable and accurate solutions.

Tightly integrated multi-body and structural analysis solvers. The governing equations of equilibrium for rigid body, flexible body, force entities, and joints are solved simultaneously.

Good for large degrees of freedom systems – Customized sparse solver for the mixed system of rigid and flexible bodies has been implemented to handle large degree of freedom systems.

Elements and connections – Various modelling elements and entities for structural analysis and multi-body analysis models.

3D surface contact – ANSYS Motion supports both surface representations of NURBS and facet types.

Modal and nodal flexible body methods – ANSYS Motion supports both nodal and modal flexible bodies which can be easily switched from one to another.

Easy interface with other software – ANSYS Motion can be interfaced with other software by using user subroutines, FMI’s and a Matlab interface.

This makes ANSYS Motion good for the following applications: kinematic analysis of mechanical systems, vehicle dynamics, large deformation structural analysis, high speed large rotation systems, 3D contact systems, coupled systems of multi-body motion and structural deformation, and long duration dynamic analysis problems.