Webinar Overview of Fracture Mechanics

This video describes the importance of using fracture mechanics parameters to evaluate strength of bonds and delamination issues. It walks through the process of setting up a fracture mechanics simulation for a standard double cantilever beam experiment.

This video looks at how to find the critical fracture mechanics parameters for delamination and the experimental tests involved. The double cantilever and end notch flexture are used as examples in a 3d fracture mechanics simulations.

In this video we look at a basic 2d progressive damage/delamination example of a bimaterial strip. This uses VCCT based crack growth and critical energy release rates to predict the crack growth at an interface.

A key improvement in ANSYS R19 is the S.M.A.R.T fracture capabilities. This can predict the growth of a crack in a 3d solid without the need to define the crack path. In this video we go through the process of setting up a crack growth simulation in 3d and predict the crack growth due to both static loading and fatigue.

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