What's New?

The Ansys Connect product collection is new in 2022 R1 and includes Ansys Minerva, Ansys optiSLang, Ansys Granta and Ansys ModelCenter. Ansys Connect allows you to create a connected digital thread by connecting various simulation tools and the corresponding assets with each other and with the rest of the product lifecycle ecosystem, such as CAD designs, requirements database, system architecture model, and more.

Highlights include:

  • Ansys optiSLang’s new connectors for LS-Dyna, SpaceClaim, Nastran and ModelCenter, along with the new AI/ML-based optimization algorithms from Probaligence, enables orchestrated and optimized simulation workflows.
  • Ansys Minerva allows simulation experts to create apps from their simulation automations that nonexperts can take advantage of  thus minimizing the expertise gap.
  • New in Ansys 2022 R1, Ansys ModelCenter improves the connection between your systems architecture models (SAM) and project requirements to build more accurate simulation models.
  • Ansys Cloud has enhanced admin capabilities that include the ability for admins to create and manage user groups, allocate budgets to company projects, and monitor cloud usage.

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Connect Products

Ansys Cloud

Ansys Cloud provides cloud-based HPC with flexible licensing that can be accessed from your desktop.

  • Optimized for integration with Ansys programs
  • Azure-based system for complete security
  • Access Workstation-level capabilities from your desktop
  • Remote job monitoring
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Ansys optiSLang

Orchestrate your simulation and optimize your product

  • Simulation Tool Chain Automation
  • Better understanding with design exploration
  • AI/ML based design optimization
  • Robustness evaluation and risk quantification
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Ansys Minerva

Simulation Process and Data Management Made Easy

  • Access and reuse simulation data
  • Well-coordinated simulation process management
  • HPC job submission and data management
  • Project awareness with Role-based dashboards
  • Access to simulation insights by non-experts
  • Synchronize and exchange data with enterprise integration
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Ansys ModelCenter

Ansys ModelCenter empowers engineers to create and automate multi-tool workflows, optimize product designs, and enable Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) by connecting requirements to engineering.

  • Perform systems level conceptual design studies
  • Verify requirements using any engineering analysis tool
  • Simulate complex system behaviors predictably
  • Connect any analysis to the digital thread
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GRANTA MI Enterprise

The leading system for materials information, GRANTA MI Enterprise allows you to develop and protect your materials, save time, drive innovation, cut costs and eliminate risk.

  • Ensure traceability of additive manufacturing data
  • Data includes powders, builds, machine parameters and more
  • Provide Additive Manufacturing data to help optimize
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Ansys Granta MI Pro

Fast-start Materials Data Management

  • User-friendly Materials Database
  • Compare materials properties
  • Integration with leading CAD and CAE products
  • 2,600+ Materials Datasets pre-loaded
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Smarter Materials Choices

  • Intelligent materials selection
  • Comprehensive Advanced Materials Data
  • Find similar materials
  • Export simulation-ready data
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