What's New?

The Ansys 2022 R1 update grows the capabilities and functionality of its electronics solver products in both breadth and depth.

  • EMA3D Cable – much faster simulation times at deeper granularity, improved model libraries, and cable harness connectivity enhancements
  • EMA3D Charge – dielectric breakdown simulation, refined meshing, and simulation of radiation-induced ionization for space applications
  • HFSS – Phi Plus Meshing for 3DIC packaging simulation, modeling of rough surfaces for ADAS, and fast broadband frequency sweeps
  • Icepak – Links to Ansys Redhawk and Ansys Fluent, along with improved multiphysics flows within Ansys Electronics Desktop
  • Maxwell – poly-phase electric machine ROM, Litz wire, and a faster simulation option for systems requiring FEA
  • Motor-CAD – optiSLang interface and NVH assessment
  • SIwave – temperature gradient input from Ansys Icepak and automated functionality when used in HFSS 3D Layout

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Electronics Capabilities

Power Integrity and Signal Integrity Analysis

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Power Integrity and Signal Integrity Analysis

Power and signal integrity (PI & SI) analysis products mitigate many electrical and thermal issues affecting printed circuit boards (PCBs): electromagnetic interference (EMI), crosstalk, power integrity, overheating, etc

Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility

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Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility

Enables engineers to diagnose, isolate and eliminate EMI and radio-frequency issues (RFI) early in the design cycle. Advanced electromagnetic field solvers linked with power circuit simulators predict EMI/EMC performance and help avoid repetitive design iterations and costly recurrent EMC certification tests

Wireless and RF

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Wireless and RF

Allows engineers to design, simulate and validate the behavior of complex, high-performance RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices in next generation wireless communication and defense systems

Thermal Management

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Thermal Management

Perform electronics cooling simulation and thermal analysis for chip-package, PCB and systems, as well as conduct thermomechanical stress analysis and airflow analysis to select the ideal heat sink or fan solution

Electric Machine Analysis

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Electric Machine Analysis

Ansys electromechanical and power electronics simulation software is ideal for applications which depend on the robust integration of motors, sensors, and actuators with electronics controls.

Electronics Reliability Simulation

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Electronics Reliability Simulation

Manage material information, optimize CAD geometries, perform complex multiphysics analysis, predict time-to-failure, and implement automation across the lifetime of your design.

Electronics Products

Ansys HFSS

A 3D electromagnetic field solver to design high-frequency and high-speed electronic components. Its FEM, IE, asymptotic and hybrid solvers address RF, microwave, IC, PCB and EMI problems.

  • Solves multi-layer packages
  • 3D layout workflow for PCBs and packages
  • High-frequency electromagnetic solvers
  • IP protection through 3D components
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Ansys Slwave

A specialized tool for simulating power and signal integrity as well as EMI analysis of IC/PCB packages. Solve for power delivery systems and high-speed channels in electronic devices.

  • Electrothermal and mechanical analysis
  • IBIS and IBIS-AMI SerDes analysis
  • Virtual compliance
  • Impedance, crosstalk and EMI scanning
  • Automated decoupling capacitor Optimization
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Ansys Icepak

A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver for electronics thermal management. It predicts airflow, temperature and heat transfer in IC packages, PCBs, electronic assemblies, enclosures and power electronics.

  • Unstructured, body-fitted meshing
  • Built-in high-fidelity CFD solver
  • Comprehensive thermal reliability solution
  • Industry leading multiscale multiphysics
  • Board-level electrothermal coupling
  • Extensive libraries for thermal physics
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Ansys EMA3D Cable

Ansys EMA3D Cable is a cable EMC modelling tool that specializes in analyzing lightning-induced electromagnetic (EM) effects on large platforms.

  • SpaceClaim’s Direct Modeler UI
  • Cable Cross-Sections Electrostatic Simulation
  • Streamiled Cable-ficused Workflow
  • Hybrid Transmission Line Harness
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Ansys Maxwell

An electromagnetic field simulation solver for electric machines and electromechanical devices. Solve static, frequency-domain and time-varying electric fields.

  • 2D and 3D electromagnetic FEA
  • Component to system – Reduced-order modeling
  • Advanced electromagnetic material
  • Automatic adaptive meshing
  • Multiphysics analysis
  • Slice-only technology
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Ansys Motor-CAD

A template-based design tool for multiphysics analyses of electric motors across the full torque-speed operating range to optimize EV performance, efficiency and size.

  • Intuitive, template-based setups
  • Built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers
  • Rapid analysis of efficiency maps, torque/speed characteristics and drive cycles
  • Thermal sizing of machines
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Ansys Nuhertz FilterSolutions

Automated RF, microwave and digital filter design, synthesis and optimization in an efficient, straightforward process.

  • Automatic filter synthesis
  • Embedded component databases
  • HFSS integration
  • Widest range of filter topologies
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Ansys Q3D Extractor

Ansys Q3D Extractor calculates the parasitic parameter of frequency-dependent resistance, inductance, capacitance and conductance (RLCG) for electronic products.

  • Solid modeling
  • Power/signal integrity analysis
  • Various extraction types
  • Automatic, adaptive mesh refinement
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Ansys Sherlock

Provides fast and accurate life predictions for electronic hardware at the component, board and system levels in early design stages to help future-proof your design.

  • Solder fatigue analysis
  • Translates ECAD to FEA/CFD in minutes
  • Turns stress (thermal, mechanical) into life prediction
  • Embedded, populated, modifiable libraries
  • Validated time-to-failure predictions
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Ansys EMA3D Charge

3D modeling solution of charging, discharging and charge carrier transport across a wide range of applications, in one streamlined workflow.

  • SpaceClaim’s Direct Modeler UI
  • 3D Particle Transport
  • Surface and Internal Charging
  • ESDs in Air and Dielectrics
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