Why Choose Ozen Engineering for Electromagnetics Consulting?

At Ozen Engineering, we specialize in electromagnetic technologies, offering consulting services that use Ansys HFSS, Maxwell, SIWave, EMC Plus, and MotorCAD. Our team combines technical expertise with a thorough understanding of electromagnetic design, simulation, and optimization to ensure your projects meet industry standards.

Our solutions include:

  • Electromagnetic Design
    We use Ansys HFSS, Maxwell, and SIWave to simulate electromagnetic fields and high-frequency electromagnetic waves accurately. This helps predict and validate system behavior.

  • EMC and EMI Analysis
    We use Ansys EMC Plus to assess electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference (EMI), helping products meet regulatory standards and perform well in complex electromagnetic environments.

  • Electric Machine Simulation
    We use Ansys Maxwell and MotorCAD to design and analyze electric motors and generators. Our focus is on improving performance, managing heat, and optimizing materials.

  • Workflow Integration
    We integrate Ansys tools with system-level design platforms to improve workflow and conduct sensitivity analysis across automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial machinery applications.

How Can We Help?

Contact us to speak with our electromagnetic simulation consultants

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