What's New?

The 2022 R1 release delivers powerful capabilities that speed time to result, improve simulation accuracy and expand interoperability with other Ansys products.

  • LightField, a new Ansys file format to facilitate the storage and sharing of pre-computed intermediate simulation results for sub-structures within an optical system to improve simulation time and allow for block-box sharing between suppliers and their customers for improved performance and IP protection.
  • Surface property plug-in capabilities to allow for custom optical surface models written in C++ or Python (including third-party material descriptions such as from Ansys Lumerical FDTD).
  • Several productivity enhancements including parameter manager, preset manager, UX enhancements, and the accelerated import of CATIA projects.
  • Speos now offers GPU Compute delivering dramatic improvements to simulation performance (benchmarks indicate a 140x to 260x speedup on average) with no loss in accuracy and with an unprecedented performance to cost ratio.
  • New post-processing to better model dynamic scene effects such as roller shutter and motion blur.

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Optics and VR Capabilities

Physics-Based Light Simulation

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Physics-Based Light Simulation

Ansys physics-based imaging, illumination and optical design simulation software streamlines the design process to better understand how your product will perform under real-world lighting and usage conditions.

Virtual Prototype/Visual Appearance for Perceived Quality

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Virtual Prototype/Visual Appearance for Perceived Quality

When customers evaluate your products, the overall look and details can make the difference. Simulate light interactions with materials so you can see how your product will appear in real-world conditions, letting you see eye to eye with your customers and making decisions.

Optical Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles

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Optical Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles

Optical sensors are the eyes of any intelligent system. Assess raw signals from camera and lidar systems in their operating environments. Post-process simulated data to optimize sensor layouts on vehicles in dynamic driving conditions.

Interactively Assess HMIs

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Interactively Assess HMIs

Use real-time, interactive and immersive environments to experience your prototype in virtual reality on a 1:1 scale. Ansys VRXPERIENCE offers customized driving scenarios for testing on virtual HMIs, considering human factors analyses and cognitive workloads.

Optics and VR Products


Experience light simulation for optical system optimization and validation in an intuitive and comprehensive user interface within a multiphysics environment

  • Lighting system performance
  • Optical design optimization
  • Advanced optical analysis
  • Human vision
  • Simulate sensor vision
  • HUD design and analysis
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Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation

VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation connects Ansys’ physics-based lighting simulation software with Autodesk’s automotive 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software.

  • Create powerful and innovative lighting systems
  • Establish uniquely identifiable light signatures
  • Visualize future products before production in Autodesk VRED
  • Accelerate the design decision-making process
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Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality

Significantly elevate final product quality with true-to-life visual experiences using interactive virtual reality and 360-degree virtual reality offline simulation with dynamic lighting control

  • 360 VR offline simulation with dynamic lighting control
  • Raytracing for reflection simulation
  • SPEOS Live Preview for 100% true-to-life optical simulation
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Prepare and appraise CAD-based virtual prototypes of a cockpit HMI in a real-time, immersive virtual reality environment.

  • Visual experience in virtual reality
  • Advanced ray-traced lighting
  • Head-up display simulation
  • Virtual interactions
  • Embedded software-in-the-loop
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Ansys Optical Measurement Device

Ansys Optical Measurement Device solutions capture material properties so you can easily and virtually manage material samples, enabling multiple color and trim options, variations and associations. It all comes in real time

  • Scan Materials and Light Sources; Visualize Your Prototype Using Your Software
  • Capture the Real Appearance of High-End Materials in a Digital Environment
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