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Industries We Service


Simulation delivers the significant product lifecycle cost reduction the aviation industry needs today, while accelerating the technology innovation required for success tomorrow.

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As people, buildings and cities become more connected and interdependent, building digital twins are the only way to deliver the cost effective and sustainable future of construction.

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Consumer Products

Digitally transforming product ideation, design and manufacturing processes is the key to accelerating consumer goods innovation. Simulation delivers competitively differentiated products to market faster and at lower cost, while addressing sustainability concerns.

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Simulation helps the warfighter stay ahead of the threat by accelerating modernization and optimizing sustainment of military technology, from the microchip to the mission. Leaders can quickly deliver more advanced capabilities to the warfighter.

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Enabling a safe and reliable transition to a new low-carbon energy mix that will meet the world’s insatiable demand for power.

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In silico medicine is the only way to address the unsustainable cost and time required for regulatory approval of increasingly complex healthcare solutions, while maximizing patient safety and dramatically reducing costs.

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High Tech

Intelligent connectivity, powered by 5G, is transforming our world beyond recognition, from autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things. Simulation is critical to making these technologies a reality.

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Industrial Equipment

By transforming data into actionable insight, simulation is at the center of the fourth industrial revolution.

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The margins of victory are measured in fractions of a second. Simulation provides the competitive edge while ensuring the safety of the competitors.

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Materials & Chemicals Processing

Simulation solutions deliver operational cost reductions for enhanced competitiveness today, and the innovation behind the advanced materials systems of tomorrow.

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Automotive Transportation & Mobility

Exponentially innovate with the next generation of simulation tools to accelerate the move into a new era of transportation and mobility.

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