If you are trying to simulate explosions, Ansys Autodyn is a great simulation tool.

To aid users in setting up and solving 2D and 3D simulations, check out our three-part YouTube videos that walks the user through the workflow needed using Ansys Autodyn as well as Ansys Workbench and the traditional Ansys GUI. Both 2D and 3D models are discussed.

This short video shows the workflow for setting up a 2D multi-material Euler simulation. 2d simulations are very fast and allow engineers to rapidly iterate.


Ansys Autodyn makes setting up and running 3d explosion simulations easy. However the traditional GUI is so powerful that it is often a good idea to use this for complex simulations.

In this video we demonstrate how to setup the simulation in Ansys workbench, but run the simulations in the Autodyn traditional GUI in parallel. A couple of extra tips will help get you going fast.

This video demonstrates how to setup a explosive simulation in Ansys Workbench. Once you complete your 2d simulations, it often becomes important to setup explosive simulations in 3d. In this video we continue our 2d simulation. Setup a 3d simulation then post process in Autodyn.

If you need assistance in creating an explosive model, please feel free to contact us at at info@ozeninc.com or (408) 732-4665.