The ANSYS HFSS SBR+ Solver Option – formerly Delcross Savant can be added to the ANSYS Electronics Desktop or any of the ANSYS products that utilize the ANSYS Electronics Desktop. This solver-only option does not include a GUI. With this option, you can add the HFSS SBR+ solver to your existing ANSYS Electronics Desktop cost-effectively and maximize your investment in ANSYS technology.

HFSS SBR+ is an advanced antenna performance simulation software that provides fast and accurate prediction of installed antenna patterns, near-fields and antenna-to-antenna coupling on electrically large platforms. HFSS SBR+ analyzes installed antenna performance on platforms that are tens to thousands of wavelengths in size. It leverages the asymptotic Shooting and Bouncing Ray Plus (SBR+) technique to efficiently compute accurate solutions with incredible speed and scalability.

The state-of-the-art technology in HFSS SBR+ includes advanced physics models such as creeping waves, UTD diffraction rays and surface curvature extraction not available in other commercial electromagnetic solvers.