Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is one of the important part in each and every car. It notifies the driver when the tire pressure is low to decrease chance of accident while it has some other benefits such as increasing fuel efficiency.

A whip antenna with Helix extension is used to study the TPMS. First antenna is designed, studied, and tuned using HFSS. Next a rim is created, and antenna is added to it. After studying the rim, antenna and tuning them, a box is added to the model to represent a car. Then, tuning is done one more time and the receiver antenna is added.

Coupling between different antennas are studied, results are shown as S parameter, Far Field Pattern and E field values. Results are in reasonable communication range. First two videos below explain more details.  Next, the results are exported from HFSS, used in EMIT and Link Budget is studied using BFSK. Third video below will explain more details about it.