Power Electronics Webinar

Electrification: Simulation Solutions Overview – Power Electronics

Power Electronics Webinar

Power electronics systems are highly complex and organizations must meet key engineering goals on performance, safety, and cost.

During our upcoming free webinar on October 27, we will walk you through how simulation powered by Ansys can help businesses like yours exceed these goals and stay competitive in the power electrification market by:

  • Optimizing systems and circuits to increase efficiency
  • Enhance reliability to mitigate component failure
  • Account for magnetics to increase power density
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Digital Twin and Battery Design

Article: Digital Twin Prevents Drain on Battery Pack Simulation Time

Two of the current engineering trends that Ozen Engineering focuses on and helps customers realize their goals are:

  • Digital Twin
  • Battery Design

A recent article in the Ansys Advantage Magazine discusses both of these issues. To learn more, please click on the link below to view the article.

Digital Twin Prevents Drain on Battery Pack Simulation Time

If you are considering adding Digital Twin models to your existing engineering and system monitoring toolbox, Ozen Engineering can help you through process.

Similarly, if you involved with battery design, Ozen Engineering can help you simulate and improve your designs.

Contact us today to get started on your Digital Twin and/or battery simulation model.

Webinar Series: Improving Electronic Reliability – Thermal Reliability

Ozen Electronic Reliability Webinar Series Banner

The second 30-minute webinar in our Improving Electronic Reliability series focuses on thermal analysis.

Improving Electronics Reliability: Thermal Reliability
June 16, 11:00 AM PT

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  • Improve thermal integrity
  • Optimize cooling strategies
  • Understand thermal impact on electrical and mechanical reliability


  • Comprehensive electro-thermal and thermo-mechanical multi-physics
  • Address thermal management at multiple scales
  • 3D high-fidelity physics-based reduced order modeling (ROM) capabilities


  • Enhanced cooling strategies
  • Improved product reliability and decreased product development time
  • Connections to electrical, structural, reliability and ROM solutions

There is still time to register for the first webinar in the series on June 9, 11:00 AM PT.  That webinar will provide an overview of improving electronic reliability. Register today!!

Newsletter: Come learn with us – Improving Electronic Reliability

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May 12, 2021

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