Webinar Series: Improving Electronic Reliability – Mechanical Reliability

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The third 30-minute webinar in our Improving Electronic Reliability series focuses on mechanical analysis.

Improving Electronics Reliability: Mechanical Reliability
June 23, 11:00 AM PT

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This webinar will focus on the mechanical aspects of improving electronic reliability.


  • Electronics reliability , fatigue and life
  • Standards compliance : IPXX , MIL-STD 810
  • Variability: Material, Manufacturing and assembling


  • Detailed traces and vias modeling using reinforcement
  • Nonlinear materials modeling
  • Seamless Workflow: Designers and simulation engineers


  • Trace effects, solder fatigue and assembly stress effects
  • Performance evaluation under environmental conditions and duty cycle
  • Product durability: Shock and drop events
  • Failure due to Moisture ingression
  • Trade off: Cost v/s Reliability