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Dear valued OEI customers:


As the year 2017 is coming to an end, we would like to hear you out about any training requests for the following year so that we could arrange suitable schedules according to yours and ours. Here at Ozen Engineering, we offer varieties of training sessions covering multiple engineering topics: Fluids, Structures, Electronics, Systems, Multiphysics and Platform. Please check out our website to find your interests. Also, you can visit ANSYS website to find any advanced topics you wish us to cover, and our experienced engineers will prepare a customized session just for you!


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ElectroMechanical Transducer Permittivity in ANSYS Mechanical

EM Transducer is a boundary condition commonly used in the simulations of MEMS devices.  Workbench users can download the Piezo & MEMS ACT module from the ANSYS Customer portal to gain access to EM transduce capabilities.  EM Transducer automatically generates TRANS126 elements in Workbench based on the EMTGEN APDL command.

The EM Transducer object uses permittivity of Air as a default and does not allow users to define their own permittivity.  If a user wants to define a custom permittivity, they can create an APDL command object that updates the 7th real constant of the generated TRANS126 elements.  See the sample code below:



epsr=ARG1                                          ! USED TO DEFINE THE RELATIVE PERMITTIVITY
                                                               ! IN THE DETAILS OF THE COMMAND FILE
fini                                                         ! LEAVE THE SOLUTION PROCESSOR
*get,nelems,elem,,count                   ! nelems = NUMBER OF THESE ELEMENTS
elm=0                                                   ! INITIALIZE ELEMENT NUMBER
*do,i,1,nelems elm=elnext(elm)      ! elm = NEXT HIGHEST ELEMENT NUMBER
*get,rnum,elem,elm,attr,real           ! rnum = REAL CONSTANT ID # ASSIGNED TO ELEMENT elm
*get,r7,rcon,rnum,const,7                 ! r7 = VALUE OF 7th REAL CONSTANT IN REAL CONSTANT SET #rnum
r7_new=epsr*r7                                  ! MODIFIED VALUE TO SUBSTITUTE FOR ORIGINAL VALUE
rmod,rnum,7,r7_new                         ! MODIFY THE 7th REAL OF REAL CONSTANT SET ID #rnum


fini                                                          ! LEAVE PREP7
/solu                                                       ! REENTER THE SOLUTION PROCESSOR

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