Ansys Electrical Motor Simulation Solutions

Engineers who design electric machines need simulation tools that can be employed for quick, accurate product development. By employing finite element methods early in the design process, they can accelerate development and achieve higher machine efficiencies using less material, which reduces costs. Furthermore,  achieving an optimal motor design demands a full multiphysics analysis workflow. Assuming that the machine will remain in the intended operating range can lead to poor design choices, redesign late in the development cycle or product failure. Ansys’ electric machine design flow provides a complete virtual prototyping laboratory for machine design and development.

Design Methodology

Ansys offers five combinable tools for designing and analyzing electrical machines. The Electrical Machine Design Methodology includes:

  • RMxprt–for machine design
  • Maxwell 2D/3D–for finite element analysis
  • Simplorer–for system analysis
  • Optimetrics–for Optimization/Design of Experiments
  • Ansys Mechanical/CFD–for thermal, stress and acoustical analysisflow1
Electric Drive & System

Electric machine designs require appropriate electric drive circuits and the designed electric machine should work with the electric drive and digital control system. Ansys solution offers electrical machine co-simulation design with power electronics and control. Ansys Maxwell can be directly coupled with Ansys Simplorer and co-simulate during transient analyses.  This capability enables engineers to analyze complex interactions between power electronics, control and magnetic component. Also, they can evaluate how nonlinear behavior of the motor affects the drive control loop performed in circuit simulator.



Electric machine design is a multi-physics problem. Multi-physics capability accelerates the design process, increases design accuracy, and can be used to optimize the performance of the electrical machine before the first physical prototype. Ansys multi-physics solution offers:

  • Ansys Maxwell for Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Ansys Fluid for heat transfer coefficients
  • Ansys Mechanical for Stress, Vibration & thermal Analysis