ANSYS, Inc. License Manager 15.0 LM1 Readme

The intent of this README is to provide instructions for updating ANSYS, Inc. License Manager. This update corrects licensing errors from Release 15.0 and applies to all Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms supported at Release 15.0. This update is a full installation and will replace your existing license manager. You may run Release 15.0 and prior products with this license manager.

Included in this service pack are corrections to address the following issue:

Downloading/Installation Notes

  1. Run the License Manager installation:

    • setupLM.exe (Windows)

    • INSTALL.LM (UNIX/Linux)

  2. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation.

  3. When the installation has completed, the License Wizard will be launched. This wizard walks you through the process of installing or updating a license file, specifying the license server(s) (which updates the ansyslmd.ini file), and starting the license manager. The wizard will prompt you for the necessary information at each step. During this process, the license manager will be shut down if it is running. Be aware that this can impact any users currently running using the license manager.

See the ANSYS, Inc. Installation Guide for your platform and the ANSYS, Inc. Licensing Guide for more information on the ANSYS, Inc. License Manager, including detailed procedures for installing the License Manager.