Release 15.0.10 SP Readme

This document provides instructions for installing Release 15.0.10 SP on 64-bit Windows systems. This special release service pack adds support for Teamcenter 10.1 and fixes a defect, for which successive multiple check-ins would cause an error.


You must already have ANSYS 15.0.7 installed.

Download Instructions

You will need to uncompress this service pack using standard uncompression utilities for your specific platform. We strongly recommend that you extract the files into a new, temporary directory. Then, follow the installation instructions below for your platform(s).


  1. Installing Release 15.0.10 requires that no ANSYS processes are running on your computer. Close all Windows applications and ensure that no ANSYS processes are running before continuing.

  2. Make sure you are logged on as an administrator and have full administrative privileges.

  3. To install on Windows 7 or 8, right click on setup.exe and choose Run as administrator to start the installation.

  4. The License Agreement screen appears. Read the license agreement, and if you agree, click I Agree to accept the terms and click Next. You must select I Agree to continue with the installation.

  5. Enter the Release 15.0.7 installation directory. You MUST install this service pack into the same location as the Release 15.0.7 installation.

  6. The component selection dialog appears. Verify that this service pack is selected to be installed.

    The amount of disk space required and the disk space available appear at the bottom of the window. If the disk space required exceeds the disk space available, be sure that you have sufficient space before continuing. The disk space required as calculated by the installation program may be greater than the actual amount needed. However, if you choose to continue the installation, you should carefully review any log and error files at the end of the installation to ensure that the installation completed successfully.

    Click Next.

  7. A summary of the selected installation data appears. Information shown includes platform, installation directory, and products. Review the information carefully, and if correct, click Next to begin the installation.

  8. The installation window displays the individual actions as they occur. When the installation is complete, the window displays any installation errors or warnings. Review this information carefully. Click Exit.

Linux Installation

The ANSYS Teamcenter plugin does not support Linux systems.

Known Issues and Limitations

NX Geometry imports must be refreshed after being launched from within Teamcenter. Refreshing an NX Geometry import that has not been launched from within Teamcenter may cause an error in ANSYS Mechanical.

To refresh an NX Geometry import:

  1. Open Teamcenter.
  2. Launch NX Geometry from Teamcenter.
  3. Refresh NX Geometry.