Stent Simulation with Beam Elements

This example problem demonstrates how to simulate stent-artery interaction during and after stent placement in an occluded artery. The analysis uses advanced modeling techniques including contact, element birth and death, mixed u-P formulation, and nonlinear stabilization.

The success of stenting depends largely on how the stent and the artery interact mechanically. In both the stent-design process and in pre-clinical patient-specific evaluations, computer simulation using finite element analysis (FEA) has become an accepted tool for studying stent-artery interaction.

A viable stent-artery finite element model must properly reflect the nonlinear nature of the phenomenon, such as the biological tissue properties, large arterial wall deformation, and the sliding contact between the stent and the artery wall. This example problem shows how to use appropriate technologies to overcome these modeling challenges.

workshop - stent with beam elements


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