Workshop – Simulating a Battery Cell in ANSYS Fluent

The discharge behavior of a lithium-ion battery described in the Kim’s paper will be modeled in this tutorial. You will use the NTGK model first. The battery is a 14.6 Ah LiMn2O4 cathode/graphite anode battery. The geometry of the battery cell is shown below. You will study the battery’s behavior at different discharge rates.


After solving the battery cell case using the NTGK model, you will use the ECM and Newman models to simulate the same battery geometry. All the ECM model constants are taken from the Chen’s paper for a 0.85 Ah lithium-ion battery. The Newman model parameters are taken from Cai and White’s paper.

For external and internal short-circuit treatment, you will consider an extreme case where external and internal short-circuits occur at the same time. You will use the NTGK electrochemical submodel to simulate post-short-circuit battery processes. You can assume that the internal short is caused by a nail penetration occurring near the center of the battery.

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