ANSYS provides some new features in HFSS R17.2. Automatic Touchstone File Export is a new feature in HFSS that makes your engineering simulation life much easier and happier :-).

Dynamic Link workflow links the S-parameter solutions from EM simulators like HFSS designs to circuit simulator for linear circuit analysis. For example, in Antenna design, you can export S-parameter from HFSS design into a circuit simulation to match the antenna.

The new feature automatically exports the touchstone files to a user selected directory. You just need to set it in HFSS Design Setting:
  • Launching ANSYS Electronics Desktop 2016.2 HFSS
  • HFSS – Design Setting
    • Export S Parameters tab

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The default directory for saving the touchstone files is in same location as results directory.

  • <projectname>. Aedtexport
    • <Designname > folder
      • <solutionname > + time stamp + date stamp folder >
    • Touchstone file name = _< sweepname > + solution data base stamp
    • Also included in same directory is index.csv file.
      • Maps values of parameters to touchstone file names in directory.

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By Mehrnoosh Khabiri