Two simple ease-of-use features have been introduced to improve graphics display for Mechanical applications in ANSYS R17.

“Color by Material”
While preparing material properties in Engineering Data, users can designate colors for materials. After assigning materials to geometry in Mechanical, change the “Display Style” (under Details of Geometry) to color by material.

ANSYS 17 Display Cap Slice & Color Material

This Mechanical R17 screenshot highlights tools to color by material and display by capped slice.

“Cap Sliced View”
The sliced view graphics display now includes the option to cap solid interiors with cross-hatches. The cap surface can be displayed by body color or entirely in red. Access the sliced view tool by clicking on the “New Section Plane” icon in the toolbar.

These new display feature help to better understand large assemblies and to export more-detailed images of geometry.

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