Battery Management System

Battery Solutions: Battery Management System (BMS)

Battery Management System (BMS) is crucial to battery pack safety and performance. BMS is batterie’s control center and keeps cells within specified operating range and shuts off battery when safety issues are detected. Software & hardware work in tandem to monitor battery performance and usage.  BMS impacts weight, mechanical and thermal subsystems and requires compliance to Functional Safety Standards such as ISO 26262 (ASIL C, D). Ansys solution is to use Medini, SCADE and Twin Builder in tandem to develop the BMS in a very efficient way as the following

  • Using Ansys Medini for Safety analyses i.e. FTA, FEMA and HARA
  • Ansys SCADE to connect safety requirements to generate a compliant code (Model Based)
  • Using Twin Builder to do Physics-Based Battery Simulation
Battery Management System

Fig. 1) Steps of developing and testing BMS using Medini, SCADE and finally Twin Builder


Battery Management System ISO 26262

Fig. 2) A cost-effective solution for the development and verification of BMS


The benefits of using Ansys method can be listed as below:

  • ANSYS Medini supports all Functional Safety Activities for ISO 26262
  • ANSYS SCADE flow supports all software development activities for ISO 26262, ASPICE, AUTOSAR
  • The gains of the approach are 40% to 50% of cost reduction demonstrated on user cases
  • 2x Increase in time to market: Early detection of flaws, automated production of readable, portable, high performance and high-quality codes, and improved long-term maintainability

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Digital Twin Reduced Order Model

Battery Solutions: Reduced Order Models (ROM) and Digital Twin

Reduced Order Models (ROM) and Digital Twins are very promising and favorable in our time and they have a lot of applications. Ansys platform allow us to create ROM and Digital Twin of batteries to predict the electro chemical and thermal behavior of batteries from cell to pack. Here are the steps to create ROM from Fluent results or test data:

  • Create cell ECM from HPPC data
  • Create module ECM using cell ECM
  • Generate thermal ROM training data in Fluent
  • Create LTI ROM in Twin Builder using training data generated by Fluent
  • Couple the Module ECM and thermal LTI ROM in Twin Builder
  • Create pack and connect to cooling pate if needed

ECM (Equivalent Circuit Model) represents the electro-chemical behavior using test data while Thermal ROM mimics the Thermal behavior. On the other hand, the ETC (Electro-Thermally Coupled) model include all these in one coupled model. The procedure is shown below:

Digital Twin Reduced Order Model

Fig. 1) Steps of making a thermal ROM and ECM to create and ETC ROM in Ansys Twin Builder


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