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SpaceClaim Primer – Up and Running in Half an Hour

kaan-80x80Interested in SpaceClaim but finding it hard to get into? Have half an hour to watch a video? Then this SpaceClaim primer is for you. In this video I go over many of the most important features of SpaceClaim from the perspective of a CAE analyst. Since SpaceClaim has so much power packed in one program, you may not even think to look for many of these features until you get deeper into the software. That’s what makes this video a great jumping off point to show many of the powerful features of the software at a high level to get you up and running.

In this video I go over:

  • The Big 4 Modeling Operations: With these 4 operations you can accomplish most of the functionality of traditional CAD tools. See how they allow this and so much more.
  • Productivity Enhancements: From the cross section view, clip to volume, organizing with layers and power selections you will be able to work with geometry faster and in new ways.
  • CAE Prep: Extracting fluid volumes, shared topology for meshing and parameters the simple way and the powerful way. SpaceClaim has the CAE specific functionality to get your geometry ready for analysis.
  • Reverse Engineering: Whether you’re loading an image directly in the software to use as a reference or using SpaceClaim to automatically extract the curves, the reverse engineering capabilities baked into SpaceClaim are extremely powerful. Using SpaceClaims unique ability to simultaneously work with CAD parts and an STL mesh, a biomedical scan geometry will also be processed.

If learning about all of the above in half an hour seems worthwhile to you check out the video below:

Amazing features of SpaceClaim not covered by the above:

  • Drawings creation
  • Wrapping functionality
  • Beam Extraction
  • Patterns/Mirror/Offset relationships
  • Mechanisms
  • Advanced Surface Manipulation
  • Faceted Data Add-on
  • Photo-realistic Rendering Add-on

If this was useful to you and you’d like to hear other ways to speed up your simulations contact us or subscribe to our newsletter below:

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