By 2020, there will be 26 smart devices for every human being on Earth according to one estimate.  IoT will result in an explosion of products with integrated antennas and sensors and world is more connected than ever in IoT age. However, IoT brings some Engineering challenges, most particularly the increase in complexity of the products and their operating environment. Engineering challenges for IoT are developing and managing Things, Network and Data/Cloud. Engineers must consider and include the comprehensive characteristic of environment in their designs. Well, engineering simulation is the golden key and ANSYS simulation technologies are speeding the development of three IoT elements: IoT devices, networking infrastructure and cloud computing platforms. Engineers need to create virtual prototypes and simulate them to make sure they will work in the real world. Common design challenges for IoT are Structural and Thermal Reliability, Power Management, Communication Efficiency, Privacy and Security, Multiple Standards, Quality of Service, Energy Efficiency, and Miniaturization. Design Engineers must overcome these challenges and no other technology can help engineers, more than engineering simulation. ANSYS offers a comprehensive solution for IoT industry challenges with simulation tools for electronics, semiconductors, embedded software, mechanical structures, fluids, and heat flow.

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The interaction of the three elements of the Internet of Things