Autodesk Moldflow Adviser is easy-to-use software that simplifies plastic injection molding simulation, guides designers through analysis setup and results interpretation, and helps to optimize part and mold designs.






Moldflow Adviser Benefits:

Moldflow Adviser empowers the non-simulation specialist to evaluate part designs for molding suitability. By employing simulation techniques early on in the design process, expensive manufacturing mistakes can be predicted, controlled and avoided.

For manufacturers, Moldflow Adviser can simulate the molding process and predict possible problems without the need for expensive prototyping trial and error. For existing molding processes, Moldflow Adviser can simulate improvements to cycle time, improving efficiency and cutting costs.


Moldflow Adviser offers the following capabilities:

  • Full Fill/Pack analysis for thermoplastics
  • Warpage Analysis
  • Runner/Cooling Analysis
  • Sink Mark Analysis
  • Material database of more that 8,000 commercial plastics

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