Beyond a plethora of individual post-processing options, Ansys CFD-Post provides some key functionality to allow users to get full value from their CFD simulation.

Results Comparison

Ansys CFD-Post allows multiple solution datasets to be loaded simultaneously, significantly easing the comparison of different design alternatives or operating conditions. Results can be examined side-by-side with synchronized views, as well as synchronized time for transient results (including FSI results). Additionally, differences between two results can be computed and analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Different designs can be compared directly in Ansys CFD-Post, both visually and quantitatively

3D Images

All images created in Ansys CFD-Post can, of course, be saved in standard 2D image formats like jpg and png. However, often it is difficult to find the right 2D views to effectively communicate results to managers, customers, and colleagues. For these situations, Ansys CFD-Post provides the ability to write 3D image files that anybody with the can be viewed using the freely-distributable 3-D viewer from Ansys CFD. It is even possible to embed these images in applications like MS-PowerPoint and add a new dimension to presentations.

Download the freely distributed 3-D viewer

Custom Reports

Each session in Ansys CFD-Post includes a standard template for report generation. Simple selection and de-selection of items to include in the report allows users to customize the content, including any user-defined text, images, charts, or tables, as well as the company logo at the top. The report is dynamic, updating automatically with new datasets. The final report can then be exported to html, optionally with 3D images.

Automatically generated reports can be easily customized to include company logos, 2D or 3D images, tables summarizing analysis input and results, and line charts.


Ansys CFD-Post provides a dedicated mode for post-processing turbomachinery simulation results, starting with the ability to produce plots in a meridional view (e.g. circumferentially-averaged solution values) and unrolled blade-to-blade views at any span-wise position between hub and shroud. Specific turbomachinery charting options and templates for automatic reports for different types of machines complete this key component of the suite of turbomachinery simulation tools from Ansys.

Ansys CFD-Post features numerous post-processing options specifically designed to meet the needs of turbo machinery analysts.

Flow Animation

Whether simulations are steady or transient, animations help bring CFD results to life. Animations can be quickly defined, including powerful keyframe settings, and the resulting animation saved to high quality and compact MPEG-4 output formats. Together with the many graphical features and rendering options like texturing, animations from Ansys CFD-Post are guaranteed to make a strong impression.

View animation
Video fiiles of flow simulations are easily created
with keyframe-based animation tools in Ansys CFD-Post

Calculators and Expressions

To quickly probe the solution and perform integral operations on the results data, Ansys CFD Post provides a range of functions with its integrated calculators. The same functions can also be applied in a powerful expression language that is part of Ansys CFD Post, to extract values from the original data, or from any desired derived variables and quantities not in the original dataset.

Ansys CFD-Post incorporates a powerful expression language for analyzing results and deriving additional quantities, including in tables and with built-in calculators.