Ideal for users experienced with the traditional Ansys graphical user interface (GUI) and the Ansys Parametric Design Language (APDL), Ansys LS-DYNA is the result of a collaborative effort between Ansys, Inc. and Livermore Software Technology Corporation. First introduced in 1996, the capabilities and robustness of Ansys LS-DYNA has helped thousands of customers in numerous industries resolve highly intricate design issues.

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Limited-duration events (such as severe collisions and blade containment) and large, permanent deformations (within the stamping and forming industries) present engineers with unique simulation challenges. The powerful pairing of the Ansys and LS-DYNA solvers creates a product that helps engineers understand the elaborate combinations of nonlinear phenomena found in crash tests, metal forging, stamping and catastrophic failures. Features include:

Best of Class Solver Technologies
Ansys LSDYNA meets the challenges of complex explicit simulation by fusing LSTC’s LS-DYNA explicit dynamic solver technology with the pre-/post-processing power of Ansys software

Ansys Workbench Based Preprocessing
Two user environment options exist at Ansys 12.0 for Ansys LS-DYNA users

Native CAD Import and Robust Meshing
Bi-directional CAD connectivity and automatic meshing with advanced options

Add-On Modules
Modules provide parallel processing, geometry editing, robust design and optimization


Technical Seminar/Hands-On Events

Ozen Engineering Inc. holds Ansys Technical Seminars and Hands-On Training every month. Classes are taught by Ozen Engineering experts who have extensive Ansys application experience as well as FEA and CFD computer-aided engineering expertise. To see our events schedule or register for an upcoming event, please go to our Events page.