Ansys Explicit STR

Newly introduced in Ansys Explicit STR software is the first explicit dynamics product to use the native Ansys Workbench environment. It is based on the Lagrangian portion of the full Ansys AUTODYN solver. The technology will appeal to those who require nonlinear dynamics simulation of solids, liquids, gases and their interactions. In addition, it will appeal to users who can benefit from the productivity provided by other applications integrated within the Ansys Workbench environment. Those who have previous experience using the Ansys Workbench environment will find that they already know most of what is needed to use Ansys Explicit STR.

Ansys Explicit STR is well suited for solving:

  • Drop tests (electronics and consumer goods)
  • Low- to high-speed solid-to-solid impacts (applications from sporting goods to aerospace)
  • Highly nonlinear plastic buckling events (manufacturing processes)
  • Complete material failure applications (defense and homeland security)
  • Breakable contact, such as adhesives or spot welds (electronics and automotive)

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Explicit dynamics from Ansys enables engineers and designers to create virtual prototypes of their designs operating under real-world extreme environment conditions. Ansys Explict STR provides to the analysis industry the explicit component of the most advanced unified simulation environment known as the Ansys Workbench platform.  Other major features include:

Built on Proven Solver Technology
Industry leading solver technology is the basis for Ansys Explicit STR, solver technology that has been forged through more than 20 years of commercial usage

Familiar User Interface
Single simulation environment for structural dynamics analysis which provides for a uncharacteristically short learning curve for an advanced explicit dynamics tool

Native CAD Import and Robust Meshing
Bi-directional CAD connectivity and automatic meshing with advanced options

Streamlined Workflow
User programmability, macros, and scripting

Add-On Modules
Modules provide parallel processing, geometry editing, robust design and optimization


Technical Seminar/Hands-On Events

Ozen Engineering Inc. holds Ansys Technical Seminars and Hands-On Training every month. Classes are taught by Ozen Engineering experts who have extensive Ansys application experience as well as FEA and CFD computer-aided engineering expertise. To see our events schedule or register for an upcoming event, please go to our Events page.