Explicit Dynamics Solutions

If you are simulating short, high deformation, large strain, fracture or complete material failure applications, choose from Ansys explicit dynamics products to meet your needs. There are few applications too severe to be simulated with a high quality software tool from Ansys, and one of the three products below is ready to take over where implicit dynamics leaves off.

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» Explicit Dynamics Brochure (PDF)


Explicit dynamics simulations are addressed by three products in the Ansys suite, and the right tool for the job depends on user needs and applications: Ansys Explicit STR Ansys AUTODYN Ansys LS-DYNA



Technical Seminar/Hands-On Events

Ozen Engineering Inc. holds Ansys Technical Seminars and Hands-On Training every month. Classes are taught by Ozen Engineering experts who have extensive Ansys application experience as well as FEA and CFD computer-aided engineering expertise. To see our events schedule or register for an upcoming event, please go to our Events page.