Electromagnetics Solutions Products

The ANSYS electromagnetics solution is a comprehensive offering for electromagnetic analysis. The product offering includes:


ANSYS Emag software addresses the analysis needs of the low-frequency electromagnetics applications such as micro-electromechanical devices (MEMS), induction heating and charged particle tracing. ANSYS Emag can be used as an independent package or in combination with other ANSYS software suite products, such as ANSYS Mechanical, within the ANSYS Workbench environment.

Accurate Electromagnetic Field Simulation

Simulation of magnetic and electric fields is critical to electrical and electronic product designs across many industries.  ANSYS Emag software enables engineers and designers to accurately simulate their electromagnetic and electromechanical devices. Applications include; rotating machines (motors and generators), sensors, actuators, switches, magnetic valves, transformers and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).

Coupled thermal-electric solution of a buss bar of a short-circuit test transformer with current up to 150 kA. Electric conduction coupled with heat transfer analysis performed in the ANSYS Workbench environment, model courtesy of WEG Electrical Equipment

ANSYS Emag software provides a comprehensive range of features to address the diverse simulation needs of the electromagnetics engineer.  The software simulates low-frequency electric currents and electric fields in conductive and capacitive systems, and magnetic fields resulting from current sources and/or permanent magnets.  It contains comprehensive simulation capabilities for static, transient and harmonic low-frequency electric and magnetic studies; permitting the simulation of steady-state current conduction, electrostatics, magnetostatics, time-harmonic quasistatic and time-transient quasistatic electric and magnetic fields. The program can also simulate charged-particle tracing in both electrostatic and magnetostatic fields. ANSYS Emag also features a complete range of automatic calculations for force, torque, inductance, impedance, capacitance, Joule losses, field leakage, saturation and electric and magnetic field strengths.

Eddy current brake simulation with motion induced eddy currents, magnetic flux (left) and force distribution (right) are shown
Courtesy of CADFEM GmbH

Circuit Coupling

ANSYS Emag software also includes capabilities for a circuit coupled electromagnetic analysis, which enables the user to apply harmonic, transient (including large amplitude transient) voltage and current loads directly to a finite element model via a discrete electric circuit.  A variety of circuit elements are available to simulate circuit-fed devices where material saturation effects must be considered.

Transient circuit-coupled electromagnetic analysis of an AC generator, 2-D transient electromagnetic model (right) and circuit schematic (left) are shown

Multiphysics and Parallel Scalability

ANSYS Emag can be used as an independent package or in combination with other software products in the ANSYS software portfolio.  Combining ANSYS Emag with ANSYS Mechanical enables comprehensive multiphysics simulation of real-world phenomena including coupled thermal-electromagnetic and magneto-mechanical systems.  Combining ANSYS Emag with a mechanical HPC license enables both distributed and shared memory parallel processing for low frequency electromagnetic solutions, which allows users to simulate much larger and more complex low-frequency electric and electromagnetic models.

Nonlinear transient rotational test rig (TEAM24 Benchmark) solved in the ANSYS Workbench environment using a time-dependant current load


ANSYS Multiphysics

ANSYS Multiphysics software contains all the features of the ANSYS Emag product plus a high-frequency full-wave solver and many other physics capabilities within the ANSYS Workbench environment.  ANSYS Multiphysics is ideal for the evaluation of coupled physics such as electromagnetic-thermal, electromagnetic-thermal-structural prevalent in electromechanical devices.