Ansys Simplorer

Ansys Simplorer is an intuitive, multi-domain, multi-technology simulation program that enables engineers to simulate complex power electronic and electrically controlled systems. Simplorer’s powerful technology allows you to analyze all aspects of large-scale systems, from detailed component analysis to system performance, in a single virtual design environment. With Simplorer, engineers working in the early stages of the design cycle can identify problems that other simulation or build-and-test methods cannot detect, allowing them to maximize product performance and reduce time-to-market.

ANSYS Simplorer workflow involving multiple softwares

Ansys Simplorer is a multi-domain system simulation software with direct couplings to the Ansys Maxwell for accurate component modeling.


Simplorer seamlessly integrates multiple system-based modeling techniques (circuits, block diagrams, state machines, equation level) and modeling languages (VHDL-AMS, Simplorer Modeling Language, C/C ) that can be used concurrently within the same schematic. This makes Simplorer the ideal tool for systems modeling.With today’s rapidly evolving multi-technology systems, interactions between components, sub-assemblies and systems are becoming more complex. For industries where products depend on precise interaction between electromechanical components, power electronic circuits and system-based electrical and mechanical control, Simplorer cuts through the technological chaos and delivers an unequalled level of usability and numerical power. Whether the challenge is developing an electric propulsion system, integrating an electric drive with a motor or developing a new alternative energy system, Simplorer provides the technology you need to virtually explore every aspect of the design and deliver it fast and under budget.

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