Ansys Icepak

For more than a decade, leading companies around the world have relied on Ansys Icepak to provide robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for electronics thermal management. Based on the state-of-the-art Ansys FLUENT CFD solver, Ansys Icepak software has a streamlined user interface that speaks the language of electronics design engineers, enabling the rapid creation of models of complex electronic assemblies. The software automatically generates highly accurate, conformal meshes that represent the true shape of electronic components, and simulations include fluid flow and all modes of heat transfer – conduction, convection and radiation – for both steady-state and transient thermal-flow simulations. By predicting fluid flow and heat transfer at the component, board or system level, Ansys Icepak improves design performance, reduces the need for physical prototypes and shortens time-to-market in the highly competitive electronics industry.

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Icepak OverviewFluid streamlines and temperature contours for 1U network server
Computer Graphic CARDIcepak1
Computer Rack CoolingIcepak2
Heat Sink-Fan AssemblyIcepak3



Icepak Objects
Rapidly create models with smart objects

Flexible, Automatic Modeling
Accurately represent complex geometry

Results Visualization
Generate meaningful graphics, animations and reports

Interface to Structural Simulation
Export temperatures to Ansys Workbench for a thermal-stress simulation

Fans, heat sinks, packages, filters, TECs, and material properties

ECAD/MCAD Interfaces
Import both electronic and mechanical CAD data

Robust Numerical Solutions
State-of-the-art Ansys FLUENT computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver

SIwave Interface
Import the DC power distribution profile of printed circuit board layers

Automatically create common components

Add-on Modules
Modules provide parallel processing, geometry editing, and design optimization


Technical Seminar/Hands-On Events

Ozen Engineering Inc. holds Ansys Technical Seminars and Hands-On Training every month. Classes are taught by Ozen Engineering experts who have extensive Ansys application experience as well as FEA and CFD computer-aided engineering expertise. To see our events schedule or register for an upcoming event, please go to our Events page.