Ansys Electronics Desktop

Ansys Electronics Desktop is the premier, unified platform for electromagnetic, circuit and system simulation. Gold-standard tools like Ansys HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, and Simplorer are built natively in the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal Pre/Post processor for these tools.

With Ansys Electronics Desktop, you can integrate rigorous electromagnetic analysis with system and circuit simulation in a comprehensive, easy-to-use design platform. The Solver on Demand technology enables you to combine electromagnetic simulators with circuit- and system-level simulations to explore full system performance. Electronics Desktop products link to Ansys Workbench for full multiphysics simulation and optimization of your product under real-world physical conditionsedesktop


The Ansys Electronics Desktop environment houses the Ansys gold-standard electromagnetics simulation applications. Tight integration among the simulators yields unprecedented ease of use for setup and solution of complex simulations for design and optimization. It is the native desktop for HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D, Simplorer and other simulators.

  • Design and Simulation Management
  • Ansys HFSS 3D Layout
  • Design Automation and Scripting
  • Component Libraries and Model Support
  • Ansys Electronics Desktop Product Offering