Any2Ans Couples AnyBody and ANSYS for Biomedical Analysis

The AnyBody musculoskeletal model closely follows real world movements, calculating muscle forces, joint reactions and other boundary conditions.
In ANSYS the implant from a traditional CAD design can be used in the simulation setup. The bone is attached as desired to the geometry of the bone.
The implant is analyzed under physiologically relelvant boundary conditions that correspond to specific activities of daily living.
  Ozen Engineering Inc. develops and distributes Any2Ans software and is a channel partner for AnyBody and ANSYS. Any2Ans has a wide range of capabilities and case studies. For more information or to take advantage of Ozen Engineering professional services, please contact us.

Consulting Services

For when a company wants to go beyond the demo and see a real-world problem fully solved, Ozen Engineering Inc. offers consulting services for Any2Ans where our simulation expertise can be leveraged to provide solutions for the discerning business. Ozen Engineering has access to all of the engineering software mentioned in the case studies, allowing you to see the value of the toolchain as a whole. Whether you want to see how your medical device performs under real world loading conditions, design your implant optimally and robustly or just take your simulation to a new level; we can work with you to implement and provide solutions for your team.

Area of expertise

  • Orthopedic trauma implants, including fixed plate implants
  • Spinal fixation devices
  • Human Factors & ergonomics for range of motion considerations
  • Musculoskeletal Analysis
  • CT/MRI data for realistic and patient specific analysis
  • State of the art fracture & fatigue analysis
  • Optimal, multi-objective design

Significant Results

  • Obtain results in design phase to avoid ‘bad news’ in expensive lab testing
  • Cheaply and quickly characterise the entire design space for a product, eluciadating tradeoffs
  • Simulate implants under real world conditions instead of test conditions
Additionally, Any2Ans is continually under active development and companies are in the unique position now to influence overall development to reflect their needs.


AnyBody is a widely used software suite for musculoskeletal analysis. It has more than 20 professional body models currently available. ANSYS is a leading finite element modeling suite. Its powerful and versatile user interface allows you perform mechanical, thermal, dynamic, electromagnetic, fluidic and other types of analysis.  

Why Couple Them?

In the realm of biomedical simulation, it is difficult to encompass all the complexities of the human body in a single analysis type. Often times general simulation techniques do not have a relevant human body data readily available whereas specialized techniques may not be designed to fit in with traditional engineering workflows. A coupling solution allows you to leverage the capabilities of two powerful analysis types:
Musculoskeletal Models:
  • Specific biomechanics simulation method
  • High anatomical and physiological fidelity
  • Can output specific muscle parameters
  • Can be scaled for patient specific analysis
Finite Element Models:
  • General engineering simulation method
  • Can determine stress/strain distributions
  • Fatigue and fracture analysis readily available
  • Applicable to a variety of physics types

Any2Ans Capabilities

  • Dynamically read and understand AnyBody projects
  • GUI allows visual inspection/preparation of AnyBody projects for coupling
  • Extract muscle forces or displacements as boundary conditions
  • Perform full transient analysis or single time step analysis with intertial effects
  • ANSYS Workbench integration automates simulation setup
  • Can substitute a custom mesh for analysis or use included custom bone library
  • Batch mode available for increased workflow automation
  • Any2Ans is an easy and convenient way of performing rigid-flexible analysis using two best of the market software
  • A nice integration to the Biomedical design process