ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM)

The ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) is a comprehensive solution for simulation-based process and data management challenges. ANSYS EKM provides solutions and benefits to all levels of the enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in all aspects of its simulation activities. It enables the enterprise to address the many critical issues associated with simulation data including backup and archival, traceability and audit trail, process automation, collaboration and capture of engineering expertise, and IP protection.


ANSYS EKM Products

ANSYS EKM is a truly scalable solution with three versions: ANSYS EKM Desktop, ANSYS EKM Workgroup and ANSYS EKM Enterprise. These versions provide entry points for the individual user, the workgroup or the entire enterprise with increasing capabilities and features.

» ANSYS EKM Overview (PDF)


How ANSYS EKM Products Interact with ANSYS Workbench

From within the Workbench environment, EKM Connector allows users to “connect” directly to an existing EKM Workgroup or Enterprise server installation. This provides the individual Workbench user with access to a centralized “collective” repository that is accessible by other workgroup users or an entire enterprise.