ANSYS AQWA addresses the vast majority of analysis requirements associated with the hydrodynamic assessment of all types of offshore/marine structure including:
  • SPARs
  • FPSOs
  • Semi-Submersibles
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • Ships
  • Renewable Energy Devices
  • Breakwaters
Two packages are available. ANSYS AQWA Diffraction provides an integrated facility for developing the primary hydrodynamic parameters required for undertaking complex motions and response analysis. Model creation can be performed through a connection with ANSYS DesignModeler with the new AQWAWB application or via ANSYS Mechanical tools using a provided ANSYS APDL macro. Hydrodynamic analysis results (i.e., motions and pressures) can be transferred to ANSYS, ASAS or generically defined FE models for subsequent structural analysis. ANSYS AQWA Suite extends ANSYS AQWA Diffraction to include analysis capabilities for global performance of moored and/or connected systems subject to random sea states. Simulations may be static, or dynamic in the frequency and/or time domain. More advanced requirements, such as dynamic position systems and energy dissipation can be accomplished through a User Defined Function. » ANSYS AQWA Brochure (PDF)  


Integrated System Integrated system for undertaking hydrodynamic and mooring analyses Total Capability for all Hydrodynamic Applications General purpose hydrodynamics analysis tool providing enormous flexibility to address most types of problems Multiple Body Articulations Ability to handle up to a maximum of 50 structures and 50 articulations External Force Dynamic Link Libraries Ability to include a user defined external force algorithm via a dynamic link library (DLL)
Modeling Flexibility A standard panel discretization of the hull is utilized in the radiation/diffraction stage of the simulation Coupled Cable Dynamics As an optional extra it is possible for AQWA to include the effects of line dynamics by modeling the mooring lines as a series of rod elements Functional Interface to Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Add-In permits direct interrogation of the AQWA database via the Insert Function facility


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