New GUI for AnsoftLinks

ANSYS ALinks (formerly AnsoftLinks) provides the import and model prep/post capabilities to prepare package and board ECAD data for electromagnetics simulation. A new GUI streamlines the look and feel to correspond to the ANSYS SIwave GUI, which means you need to learn one one GUI. The feature allows more flexibility when modifying imported geometry.

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ANSYS SIwave with ANSYS ALinks includes a user interface optimized to move electrical CAD (ECAD) data from popular layout tools into the ANSYS simulation environment.


Running ANSYS HFSS for ECAD in ANSYS SIwave

Design teams can use the power and accuracy of HFSS to solve a critical portion of a PCB or package. You can specify a section to be solved by HFSS within SIwave, thereby enhancing overall solution accuracy and improving the design flow.  All model setup is performed within SIwave, which can invoke the HFSS solver directly.

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PCB and electronic package  designers can use ANSYS HFSS directly from within ANSYS SIwave to solve a critical portion of a PCB or package.

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Designers can specify a section to be solved by ANSYS HFSS within ANSYS SIwave, improving overall solution accuracy solution and design flow.


Sentinel PSI Solver Inside ANSYS SIwave

The Apache Sentinel PSI 3-D field solver performs power integrity analysis of an entire IC package using a rigorous 3-D field solver. With ANSYS 14.5, you can

call the Sentinel PSI solvers engine directly from the SIwave interface, thereby enhancing the overall solution accuracy solution and improving design flow.

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Apache Sentinel PSI 3-D field solver integrated directly within ANSYS SIwave

ANSYS SIwave with 3-D Domain Decomposition Method

SIwave incorporates a unique feature that combines the traditional hybrid method with a 3-D electromagnetic field solver domain decomposition method (DDM).  When invoked, SIwave with 3-D DDM solves 3-D discontinuities with a rigorous field solver and then combines all domains together for the full solution. This method retains much of the speed of the traditional hybrid method while providing full accuracy for regions in the model with complex 3-D discontinuities.

Adaptive Meshing in Turbo Package Analyzer (TPA)

The TPA solver can utilize adaptive meshing technology so that the results will be of the highest fidelity possible. You can select the level of accuracy versus speed as desired.

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Turbo Package Analyzer tool used to analyze IC packages

ANSYS Designer Layout Editor

ANSYS Designer incorporates several layout and GUI enhancements for automation and model setup. The stackup editor provides additional usability with optional laminate mode. You can import/export .xml stack up files so that common layout stackups can be created and reused. Materials can have parametric definitions to support sensitivity analysis and sweeps. Enhanced port setup allows engineers to select edges, right click, and create ports rapidly with automated port validation checks. The layout editor’s enhancements include a duplicate-across-layers feature that allows creation of a ground plane on multiple layers with one click and advanced visibility selection.

ANSYS Designer and ANSYS HFSS for ECAD Solver

For complex chip, package, board systems, solver technologies added to ANSYS Designer provide automation and more reliable broadband frequency sweeps. Designer can use ANSYS Q3D Extractor DCRL solve point to ANSYS HFSS sweep to provide the critical direct current (DC) value needed for reliable transient simulation. You can solve HFSS projects with embedded passive circuit elements, reducing setup challenges and the number of ports, thus speeding the solution. HFSS provides passivity enforcement during interpolation sweeps so that reliable circuit simulations can be performed.

Virtual Compliance Reporting

Compliance testing and reporting have been significantly enhanced in ANSYS 14.5. ANSYS Designer allows you to obtain compliance reports with a single button click so you can easily and quickly determine if a proposed design meets the applicable standard. This reporting capacity links ANSYS tools into the design and sign-off process when new designs are created. DDR3 and LPDDR2 Design Kits using a component libraries download are incorporated. User-defined documents functionality is used for automated reporting.

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ANSYS Designer’s virtual compliance reporting capability can determine whether a proposed design meets applicable standards, such as DDR3 and LPDDR2.

Touch Panel Solution

Enhancements to ANSYS Q3D Extractor are specifically geared toward the needs of touch panel designers. Q3D Extractor handles the very thin materials that are a key part of  touch panel geometry. The software simulates those thin metals using an infinitesimally thin metal layer. This significantly speeds the solution, since you have to mesh only the planar surfaces.

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Advancements in material modeling and solution speed have made ANSYS Q3D Extractor an ideal tool to design touch screen panels.