Do you have the following requirements?

  • Predicting the fiber orientation direction and rate in fiber reinforced products.
  • Conducting accurate Warp Analysis considering anisotropic properties due to fiber orientation.


Fiber Orientation Analysis using PlanetsX

Issues due to fiber orientation

fig01 (1)

Warpage due to anisotropic properties

When the fiber orientation state change, anisotropic properties in the coefficient of linear expansion are affected, which affects warpage. This analysis is essential for considering molding condition and mold shape.

Impact of gate position on fiber orientation

When the gate position differs, the progress of the resin melt front changes, and so does the orientation state. As a result, the anisotropy of the properties(Young’s modulus, coefficient of linear expansion) also varies, and this is thought to impact the amount of warpage.

In this case, a study is conducted for products with two different gate positions, as shown below.


Features of Fiber Orientation Analysis using PlanetsX

  • Feature 1 Predicts the fiber orientation state of molding using fiber-reinforced plastic.
  • Feature 2 Anisotropic properties due to fiber orientation can be considered as material properties for Warp Analysis.
  • Feature 3 Predicts the weakness part of mechanical strength of molding by considering fiber orientation.

Results of Fiber Orientation Analysis and Warp Analysis

Fiber orientation vector/orientation ratio

fig03 (2)

Vertical warpage

fig04 (1)