Differences in moldability comparing Injection Compression Molding and Injection Molding

thumb Considering the differences between Injection Molding and Injection Compression Molding especially with regard to injection pressure and pressure on the molded product.

Warp Analysis due to cure shrinkage of thermosetting resin

thumb (1) Introducing Warp Analysis using thermosetting resin.

Warp Analysis considering anisotropic properties due to fiber orientation

thumb (2) Introducing Fiber Orientation Analysis using PlanetsX.

Analysis to prevent hesitation

thumb (3) Introducing case study of improvement in flow behavior in thin-wall by relocating gate position.

Optimizing gate location

thumb (4) Comparing two gate locations to optimize filling balance and determine the location of weld lines.

Improve filling balance

thumb (5) Comparing two runner volumes on a multiple gate mold to improve filling balance and reduce injection pressure.

Warp Analysis in injection molding

thumb (6) Running a Warp Analysis using the thermal strain results from a Flow Analysis ultimately to evaluate displacement and stress in the model structure.