WAON: Powerful Acoustic Computing Evironment

BEM Simulation of Motor
(Photo courtesy of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.)

WAON utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide high-fidelity simulations of acoustic events and environments. Both Boundary Element Methods (BEM) and Fast Multipole Boundary Element Methods (FMBEM) are available to provide users with the most flexibility to analyze both high and low frequency acoustics for applications of any scale. Developed though a partnership between CYBERNET Systems of Tokyo, Japan and the Department of Environmental Engineering at Tokyo University, WAON is based on a over a decade of proven acoustic simulation experience. New features are continually being developed, and its functionality increased, to provide users with the fastest, most reliable acoustic simulations in the market.

Naval Acoustics

WAON has been utilized in dozens of applications including high end audio systems, to naval architecture, to heavy machinery. The simple, yet powerful GUI and scripting capabilities allow WAON to be used by acoustic analysts of all skill levels. WAON can also couple with optimization softwares, such as modeFRONTIER, to yield the high performance robust solutions to any engineering problem.


WAON can also simulate the structural-coupled acoustics for flexible bodies. This bi-directional coupling allows the analysis of complex acoustic patterns which result from structurally induced perturbations of the acoustic medium as the result of vibrational loads. WAON accepts structural input from all of the major FEA packages, such as ANSYS, NASTRAN, and I-DEAS.

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