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Ansys White Paper Library

There’s a lot of reading material available here to increase your technical knowledge of Ansys, simulation and design optimization – Enjoy!

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A Methodology for Superior Die Design – Combining the Best of Art and Science – White Paper

A Primer on Using CFD to Tackle UAV Aerodynamics Problems – White Paper

A Virtual Engineering Methodology to Prevent Erosion-Related Accidents in the Petroleum Industry – White Paper

16X Speedup in ANSYS Maxwell DSO on 32-core High-Performance Compute Farm Doubles Traction Motor Design Productivity at General Motors – White Paper

A Collaborative Approach to Solving Engineering Problems with CFD How Leading Researchers Benefit – White Paper

An Open Solution for Systems and Embedded Software Simulation – White Paper

Analysis in Action Reducing Time to Market in Electronic Packaging – White Paper

Analysis in Action The Value of Early Analysis – White Paper

ANSYS Data Management Paper February 2013 – White Paper

ANSYS EKM SDM WG Survey Report – White Paper

ANSYS HFSS High-Performance Computing Capabilities to Help Deliver Better Products Faster – White Paper

Assembly Analysis Considering Techniques for Accuracy – White Paper

Automotive Hydraulic Pump Simulation – White Paper

Aberdeen Group’s Simulation Strategy Guide Making Sense of Engineering Analysis and Today’s Solution Provider Offerings – White Paper

Aberdeen Report Cost Saving Strategies for Engineering – White Paper

Achieving Engineering Breakthroughs in the Early Stages of the Product Design Process – White Paper

Advanced Turbulence Modeling Methods Provide Accurate, Efficient Results in Any Fluid Flow Application – White Paper

Advances in Core CFD Technology Meeting Your Evolving Product Development Needs – White Paper

The Role of Engineering Simulation in Clean Coal Technologies – White Paper

The Role of Engineering Simulation in the Continued Evolution of Unmanned Aircraft Systems – White Paper

The Role of Simulation in Innovative Electronic Design – White Paper

Thermal Solutions for 3-D IC, Packages and System – White Paper

Understanding Power Integrity as a System-Wide Challenge – White Paper

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Validation of Site-Specific Installations of UV Disinfection Systems – White Paper

Using Computational Modeling in the Development and Design of Alternative Powertrain Vehicles – White Paper

Using Computer Simulation for Risk and Safety Assessments of Liquid Natural Gas Terminals and Transport – White Paper

Calculating and Displaying Fatigue Results – White Paper

Cutting Design Costs How Industry leaders benefit from Fast and Reliable CFD – White Paper

Design for Affordability Implications for Simulation-Based Engineering – White Paper

Designing the Optimal Product Using Simulation Tools to Innovate and Reduce Time-to-Market – White Paper

Developing Smart and Affordable Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Technologies – White Paper

Electromagnetic Safety in Wireless Communications and Bio-Medical Technologies – White Paper

Electromagnetic Simulation of Antennas Installed Inside Automobiles – White Paper

Electronic Power and Thermal Management A Critical Engineering Challenge for Next-Generation Unmanned Systems – White Paper

EMI-EMC – White Paper

Enabling Innovation in the Chemical Industry A Novel Approach – White Paper

Engineering Knowledge Management – White Paper Ozen Engineering_Fatigue White Paper 4

Fatigue_Evaluation Guide

High-Performance Electronic Design – Predicting Electromagnetic Interference – White Paper

How Design Optimization Can Help Vault Your Product Ahead of Competitors’ – White Paper

IBM Sizing Solutions for ANSYS Workload – White Paper

IBM Application Ready Solutions Reference Architecture for ANSYS – White Paper

How to use Flow Simulation To Maximize Industrial Burner Performance – White Paper

How to Optimize Oil and Gas Refinery Operation Profits with Engineering Simulation – White Paper

How to Design Effective Mercury Capture Systems at Coal-Fired Power Plants – White Paper

How Municipal Water Authorities Are Using Simulation Tools to Improve Performance and Reduce Costs – White Paper

IC Design and Verification Solution for RF Analog Digital Integration – White Paper

Increasing Air Cooling Efficiency Through Advanced Fan Modeling – White Paper

Integrated Chip–Package–System Simulation The Complete Electronics Solution from ANSYS and Apache – White Paper

Integrating System and Software Engineering for Certifiable Avionics Applications – White Paper

Modeling Hydrates with ANSYS – White Paper

Methods for Evaluating Advanced Electronics Cooling Systems – White Paper

Mechanical Design Synthesis New Processes for Innovative Product Development – White Paper

Leveraging Simulation white paper The Design Innovation Process – White Paper

Leveraging Design Chains – White Paper

New Methods for Moving Toward Zero Emissions While Minimizing Cost – White Paper

Opportunities in the Natural Gas, LNG and GTL markets for ANSYS software – White Paper

Overcoming the Challenges of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Traction Motor Design – White Paper

Package on Board Simulation with 3-D Electromagnetic Simulation – White Paper

Scaling New Heights in Aerodynamics Optimization The 505050 Method – White Paper

Re-engineering with Confidence The Critical Role of Physics-Based Simulation – White Paper

Putting Analysis to Work Multiphysics Tools for MEMS – White Paper

Process Compression – White Paper

Parametric Analysis The Key to Rapid, Robust Design – White Paper