Ansys electromechanical software for Simulation Driven Product Development

Ansys Maxwell is the primary solution product in the electromechanical area and is the most trusted name for low-frequency simulation.  Quickly and accurately simulate electromagnetic fields in industrial components that include 3-D/2-D magnetic transient, AC electromagnetic, magnetostatic, electrostatic, DC conduction and electric transient solvers to accurately solve for field parameters including force, torque, capacitance, inductance, resistance and impedance.

You can precisely characterize the nonlinear, transient motion of electromechanical components and their effect on the drive circuit and control system. By leveraging advanced electromagnetic-field simulators linked to powerful circuit and system simulation software, your team can understand the performance of electromechanical systems long before building a prototype in hardware. This workflow enables you to speed the development of innovative products and meet time-to-market and cost objectives.

View the videos below for guidelines and best-practices on how to perform electromechanical simulations with Ansys.

Ansys Electromechanical Technical Videos


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