Multidisciplinary Optimization

optiSLang provides powerful optimization algorithms and automated workflows for an efficient determination of optimal design parameters regarding various multidisciplinary, nonlinear and multicriteria optimization tasks.

Best Practice


best practice2

Approximation of the objective function


  • Identification of the most relevant input parameters and response values with the help of a sensitivity analysis and CoP/MOP
  • Pre-optimizaton of parameter sets using the MOP with only one additional solver call
  • Optimization wizzard for automatic selection of the most fitting algorithms for design optimization
  • Easy definition of parameter range, objectives and constraints




Optimization of a centrifugal compressor impeller


  • Gradient-based methods (NLPQL)
  • Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms (NOA) incl. Genetic Algorithms (GA), Evolutionary Strategies (ES) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
  • Automatic Adaptive Response Surface Method in case of less than 20 important optimization variables

Postprocessing & Visualization


post processing2

  • Interactive post processing adapted to the optimization algorithm
  • Fast investigation of optimization performance using different visualization options
  • Visualization of all parameters and responses histories
  • Selection of individual designs



Practical Application Examples


practical application examples


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