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By the time you read this message, R17.1 will be available for you to download from the customer portal. One of the most important new features in R17.1 is that Reaction Design Products (specifically Chemkin) are now included in the product installation. For ANSYS CFD users, this is an important product especially for inclusion of chemical reactions. In addition, SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is now available as a stand-alone package. If you have not used SpaceClaim for geometry creation yet, you may want to start allocating time to learn this amazing solid modeling tool, which will be the main solid modeling tool of ANSYS in the near future. Also, you may want to visit ANSYS YouTube page to take a look at an extensive library of How-To videos:

May is a busy month; since many engineers/users will be taking vacation time off in June, we are trying to squeeze in training classes and Lunch & Learns (L&L) in May. Please sign up for Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical as well as ANSYS/Maxwell. Also, please sign up for our free Lunch&Learn sessions covering new “Nonlinear Structural Features” and “Multiphysics AIM”.

Please let me know how/if I can be of help with ANSYS software tools. Have a great May!

By Metin Ozen

 Message from the Sales Manager

ANSYS 17.1 is around the corner!

caseyThe latest ANSYS release – ANSYS 17.1 will soon be available for download to all our customers. ANSYS 17.1 will bring new capabilities and simulation technologies making scientists and engineers more productive than ever before. We will contact you soon to schedule visits and introduce you to the new features.

Watch this video for ANSYS Solutions for IoT

I recently posted an article from Computerworld that surveyed 182 top IT professionals and executives to determine the tech trends in 2016. Out of the top 5 categories IoT came up at the very top (see chart below).

I invite you to watch this video to see how ANSYS can help you with your IoT innovations:



To learn how ANSYS and Ozen Engineering can help you with your product development efforts, please contact me at:
(408) 732-4665

By Casey Heydari

What’s New at Ozen Engineering? 

 Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Analysis Services 

Ozen Engineering is pleased to introduce Board and Package Level Signal Integrity Analysis Services. These services add and complement our list of thermal and stress analysis services for boards and packages.

As the speeds of interfaces become faster, Signal Integrity for board traces and package traces is no longer an after-thought, but has become a “before thought”.  Chip-Package-Board co design has not only to be done for optimizing the package and board layout for layer count reduction, but also to analyze and optimize the performance of chip to pkg to board channel. All this is now required before signing off on chip tape-out, package manufacturing, and board manufacturing.

Ozen Engineering has established an experienced team of Signal Integrity and Electrical modeling experts who can provide SI/PI services to the customer for optimizing on chip i/o pad layout, package design, and board layout.

Tech Tip


Antennas often designed in isolated or ideal conditions. But antenna performance can be very different when mounted on realistic and complex platforms. Antenna radiation distortion, reduced antenna efficiency, antenna to antenna coupling, multipath fading are just some of the issues caused by the presence of a complex platform with multiple antennas.
 Using ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS HFSS SBR (Savant) is the solution to a reliable wireless product in realistic environment. HFSS is a FEM tool to design and optimize the antenna and HFSS SBR uses Shooting and Bouncing Ray technique to improve integrated antenna performance on electrically large problems. HFSS SBR takes antenna simulation results from HFSS and provides fast EM analysis of the installed antenna on electrically large platforms.Simulation with HFSS and HFSS SBR:
  • Design and optimize the antenna in HFSS
  • Predict installed antenna performance in HFSS SBR
The figure shows an example of antenna integration on electrically large platform. The 2.3 GHz UHF blade antenna designed and solved in HFSS and the near-field results are imported to HFSS SBR. Then, the far-filed patterns and near-field distributions are computed on the electrically large platform.

The figure shows an example of antenna integration on electrically large platform. The 2.3 GHz UHF blade antenna designed and solved in HFSS and the near-field results are imported to HFSS SBR. Then, the far-filed patterns and near-field distributions are computed on the electrically large platform.

By Mehrnoosh Khabiri

Tech Tip

Supercharge your system simulations with the ANSYS MATLAB Toolbox

kaan-80x80One of the most exciting features in the latest release is something that’s not getting much publicity: running MAPDL (or ANSYS Classic) as a headless server. Okay, I can see why people may not be too excited by that but it allows you to run Mechanical APDL with whatever user interface you want, for example – MATLAB. With the MATLAB toolbox you can to run ANSYS, the number one FEA solver in the world, like any other module in MATLAB. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for co-simulation with ANSYS and MATLAB, taking your integrative and system simulations to the next level.

This is not just a more sophisticated way to send batch files to Ansys MAPDL, you can send commands and receive output from a running Ansys FEA solver:

>> mapdl.executeCommandToString('asel,s,mat,,6')

ans =

SELECT       FOR ITEM=MAT  COMPONENT=\n  IN RANGE         6 TO          6 STEP          1\n\n

You can interrogate parameters:

>> str = mapdl.executeCommandToString('*get,max_x,node,,mxloc,x') str = *GET MAX_X FROM NODE ITEM=MXLO X VALUE= 500.000000 >> exp = 'VALUE= ([^\s]+)' exp = VALUE= ([^\s]+) >> m = regexp(char(str),exp,'tokens') m = {1x1 cell} >> str2double(char(m{:})) ans = 500

You can execute commands using Matlab control logic:

 >> loads

loads = 

1x2 struct array with fields:


>> for elem = loads
mapdl.executeCommandToString(strcat('d,', elem.cmsel,',uy,',num2str(elem.val)))

ans =


ans =


Writing data files is still handled by batch files but MATLAB easily reads and works with comma separated data files:

>> type('to_outf.inp')

("plwk_top, plwk_bot")
*vwrite,plwkData(1,1), plwkData(1,2)
(E16.8, "," E16.8)

>> mapdl.executeCommand('/inp,to_outf,inp')

>> tab = readtable('outputs.csv')

tab =

plwk_top plwk_bot
________ ________

0.013099 0.010709
0.025962 0.021216

And of course there are all the plotting and visualization functionality that you are used to:



You can similarly interface with Workbench and Fluent with this toolbox.

We are pleased to make this ANSYS Matlab Toolbox available early for our customers (please log in):

[ddownload id=”121704″ text=”Download ANSYS Matlab Toolbox”]

If you are not a customer, we can offer this as premium content:

[signinlocker id=121707][ddownload id=”121706″ style=”link” text=”Download the Matlab Toolbox”][/signinlocker]



Dramatic Changes in Sports

MaryamNemaziePicFor you sports lovers out there, not only can you watch a Warriors game, you can also run simulations in sports. As many of you already know, simulations are needed everywhere, especially in the world of sports. Whether to shave off a few seconds from an Olympic record time or to minimize the risk of injuries, ANSYS simulation software is advantageous in the sports arena and gives teams the competitive edge they need to destroy the competition, while maximizing safety.

With the recent release of Concussion starring Will Smith, this expose highlighted the brain damage many football players suffer from due to repeated blows to the head. How can simulations in sports alleviate such tragedies?  The following white paper, Dramatic Changes in Sports: The Contribution of Engineering Simulation, examines how ANSYS simulation technology is utilized in various sports ranging from sailing to badminton.  Simulations in sports helps better understand the activity, improve the performance of the equipment, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Why are Simulations in Sports a Necessity?

Sports professionals and coaches always explore ways to enhance performance and maximize safety. Engineering simulation “is a proven technology able to predict the behavior of a device or an athlete, or a system comprising the athlete, devices and equipment, under specific conditions. Through computer-based modeling, it is possible to determine and understand how influential parameters impact athletic performance, or minimize or amplify injury. By varying these influential conditions and predicting the consequences of these modifications, equipment designers can select the best set of conditions to optimize performance and reduce injury. In addition, sporting goods manufacturers can release these improved goods to market faster and at a lower cost.” Sounds interesting? Click here to read more!

Let’s look at an example of how a simulation would be extremely beneficial. Did you know that our very own Dr. Metin Ozen loves to sail? If he wanted to conduct a simulation before his next sailing adventure, he could use ANSYS CFX to analyze the flow around the modern upwind sails, showing the design procedure from surface definition to grid generation and visualization of the results with the streamlines. Next time you are here at Ozen Engineering for a meeting or a training, ask Dr. Ozen about his sailing adventures in Turkey and the San Francisco Bay.

thumbnail_Wind flow around modern upwind sails - Image

Wind Flow Around Modern Upwind Sails

You can also find out how ANSYS simulation solutions can help you engineer the ideal sports equipment and reduce the risk of injuries by reading this white paper. Hungry to learn more? Please visit our ANSYS training schedule for upcoming courses: If you are interested in a technology demonstration, please contact Casey Heydari at 408-732-4665 or to schedule a demo today.

Download Now: Dramatic Changes in Sports – White Paper

By Maryam Nemazie

Lunch & Learn


Friday, May 20th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Learn skills and best practices in person or online from our experts at Ozen Engineering. This Lunch & Learn will demonstrate how to simulate the behavior of components or complete systems in response to static and/or dynamic loading from forces that include but are not limited to: thermal, acoustic, piezoelectric, impact, creep, fatigue, and/or blast forces. Integration of the ANSYS Structural tools in the ANSYS Workbench environment provides a complete CAD to solution package with powerful design optimization capabilities and HPC performance enhancements for quick solution times.

Lunch is provided for in-house guests!

The Lunch & Learn will begin promptly at 12 p.m. Please feel free to stay afterwards for our workshops.

Lunch & Learn

Introduction to ANSYS AIM

Wednesday, May 25th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Design Engineering and Easy Multiphysics Simulation

ANSYS AIM is an easy simulation environment designed for all engineers. It offers integrated single discipline and multiphysics solutions based on best-in-class solver technologies in a modern, new, immersive user environment that enables engineers to rapidly evaluate product design performance with confidence.  Join us for our Lunch & Learn to learn more about this fantastic tool.

Lunch is provided for in-house guests!

Scale Up Your ANSYS Workloads

OzenCloud provides dramatic performance improvements to FEA and CFD simulations, leveraging advances HPC technologies from the world’s leading hardware vendors.

Is your compute environment too small to handle your ANSYS workloads? Are you looking for performing additional ANSYS simulations on more and faster computers on demand, in our secure cloud environment?

OzenCloud is a perfect platform for customers who are concerned about surge capacity and compute resources or have a short term project but do not wish to commit to a license purchase. In addition, OzenCloud provides dramatic performance improvements to FEA and CFD simulations, leveraging advances HPC technologies from the world’s leading hardware vendors.

If you need any easy to use, on-demand and scalable simulation environment at affordable prices, contact us today for an OzenCloud trial.

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