Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS Electronics Desktop/HFSS

Modelithics models are now compatible with ANSYS Electronics Desktop and HFSS circuit design. The Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS improves the accuracy level of RF/Microwave electronic design. Once, the Modelithics CLR Library is installed into the ANSYS Electronics Desktop under the Component Libraries, designers can access the high accuracy simulation models by Modelithics from within the ANSYS HFSS design environment.


Modelithics CLR Library can be imported and solved with HFSS accurate EM co-simulation

The Modelithics CLR library contains Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors from the leading and popular vendors. The Modelithics models are measurement-based, scalable, statistical analysis capable and well-documented which make ANSYS HFSS EM simulation more accurate and valuable. The Modelithics models enhance ANSYS HFSS Electromagnetic (EM) co-simulation.

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