MaryamNemaziePicWhat is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Our world is more connected than ever, thanks to the growing web of smart electronics that surround us every day. IoT is about enabling connectivity and embedded intelligence in devices. This connectivity will greatly streamline communications among our electronic devices, improving the way we live, work and play.

For Ozen Engineering, Inc. and ANSYS customers, creating innovative products with technologically demanding qualities is nothing new. The complete simulation and workflow technologies used to develop the ground-breaking products all around us are ready for the next generation of ubiquitous connectivity. Whether for stress, thermal, antenna, and power design applications, our simulation technologies are speeding the development of IoT devices, networking infrastructure, and cloud computing platforms.

Why are simulations so important in an IoT world?

IoT is here and it’s growing fast. Many companies don’t realize the power of conducting simulations, especially in the context of IoT. Generally speaking, ANSYS simulation technology allows innovators to develop higher quality products, reduce the cost of prototyping, and improve time to market. In essence, ANSYS simulation software allows you to predict with confidence that your products will thrive in the real world. In the context of IoT, simulations are now more important than ever because as all of these devices are connected, signal and power integrity become crucial. Innovators have to monitor the electromagnetic compatibility among all of these devices to ensure that the various signals are not interfering with one another.  What’s the point of embedding intelligence in devices if signals interfere, undermining the power of the device? However, electromagnetic interference is not the only issue to watch out for. There are a whole host of considerations, such as thermal and reliability issues, just to name a few! This is where ANSYS simulation software, such as an ANSYS Multiphysics package, unleashes the power to alleviate such concerns and would be just the tool in creating a reliable, high-performance prototype.

Find out how ANSYS simulation solutions can help you engineer high-performance electronic devices and systems for the Internet of Things by watching this brief video. Hungry to learn more? Please visit our ANSYS training schedule for upcoming courses:  If you are interested in a technology demonstration, please contact Casey Heydari at 408-732-4665 or to schedule a demo today.

By Maryam Nemazie