The ANSYS Fatigue White Paper & Tutorial links below contain all the directions and data files required to complete the tutorial. The white paper includes a primer on fatigue analysis, and it includes step-by-step tutorial instructions.  These tutorials are a great way for users to get up-to-speed with the ANSYS Fatigue Module.

To start working with this tutorial, download a files to your computer and uncompress the “FE Models” file (from .ZIP format). Please check the first file “ANSYS 11.0 Workbench Tutorial – Description of Tutorials.pdf” for a detailed description of the entire tutorial’s contents.


ANSYS Workbench 11.0 Tutorial

  • [ddownload id=2284 text=”ANSYS Fatigue White Paper and Instructions for Fatigue Module Tutorial” ]
  • [ddownload id=2286 text=”FE Models for ANSYS Fatigue Module Tutorial” ]

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