The ANSYS Workbench Tutorial links below contain all the directions and data files required to complete the tutorial.  Each exercise offers step-by-step instructions and includes the data files covered.  These tutorials are a great way for beginners to get up-to-speed with ANSYS Workbench ED.  Experienced users can explore specific topics with selected exercises.

To start working with this tutorial, download a file to your computer and uncompress (from .ZIP format).  Please check the first file “ANSYS ED Workbench Tutorial – Description of Tutorials.pdf” for a detailed description of the entire tutorial’s contents.

ANSYS Workbench ED Tutorial

  1. Description of Tutorials
  2. Introduction and Overview
  3. Exercise 1: Workbench Basics
  4. Exercise 2: Dimensions and Parameters
  5. Exercise 3: Named Selections and Localized Loads
  6. Exercise 4: Remote and Combined Loads
  7. Exercise 5: Assembilies and Contact
  8. Exercise 6A-6C: Exploring Simulation, Part 1
    6A – Loads and Load Steps
    6B – Modal Analysis
    6C – Optimization
  9. Exercise 6D-6E: Exploring Simulation, Part 2
    6D – Stead State and Transiert Thermal Simulation
    6E – Linear Buckling
  10. Exercise 6F-6G: Exploring Simulation, Part 3
    6F – Stress-Life Fatigue
    6G – Solving with 2D and 3D symmetry
  11. Exercise 7: Electromagnetics


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