Ahmed Elghandour

Figure 1 The CRAC macro

Icepak is a powerful electronic cooling software which uses fluent (CFD) solver. It can model electric devices starting from a single chip to a complicated system with hundreds of components. Air-condition is one of the parts that is needed to be modeled by many engineers.

In this article, three different ways to model the air-condition in Icepak are presented.

  • CRAC Macro

    Figure 2 Recirculation Opening

The first option is a built-in macro in Icepak under Macros–>Geometry–>Data Center Components–>CRAC, see Figure 1. This macro will generate a Hollow block with two fans for the intake and exhaust of the flow inside the domain. The block should be inside your cabinet. You can also create the same effect by using two fans and provide the temperature and place them on the cabinet.

  • Opening

    Figure 3 The Opening Inputs

This is the best option if you have the AC specifications (the cooling capacity and flow rate). The idea is based on using opening set to recirculation. You need to define the thermal condition in negative value to represent the cooling source and define the flow rate of the air. The supply opening will provide the cold air to the volume to be cold (for example an enclosure) while the extractor will be taking the hot air from within the cabinet domain.

  • Resistance

Another way to model the AC is to use an enclosure with resistance inside it and two “internal” fans on the enclosure for the air flow.

Figure 4 The resistance Input

Note that in all the cases the two fans or the two parts of the opening does not have to be on the same axe, you can place them in different locations and plans.

The first two methods are more recommended if the air condition is well defined. Based on the model, the user may need to add a grille to let the air flow out of the enclosure if needed.

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