Using SIWave and IcePak for PCB Thermal Analysis

The ANSYS SIwave is a dedicated tool that allows users to import electrical CAD (ECAD) data to predict electrical behavior and performance from all major ECAD packages like Cadence, Zuken, and Altium Designer. After the DCIR analysis has been performed in SIwave; IcePak will use the imported power maps for the board to perform a thermal analysis.

In this presentation, we analyzed the thermal behavior of a PCB using SIWave and IcePak. The result shows having a fan is mandatory to cool off the PCB.

How to Fix License Error, AEDT(hfss_solve and PPE error)

In this video we are going to show how to solve one of the most common license errors in AEDT (Ansys Electronic Desktop).

Error usually contains all or some part of below message:

Failed to enable feature using current license settings. Not that Pro, Premium, Enterprise licenses are available on your server. To use these licenses, check the corresponding UI option. For more information, search for “PPE” in the help documentation.

Failover feature ;HFSS solver’ specified in license preferences is not available. Request name hfss_solve does not exist in the licensing pool.

No such feature exists. Feature: hfss_solve License path: 1055@licenseserver_info_here: FlexNet Licensing error: -5,147

Solution, explained in the video: Please select the option “Use Electronics Pro, Premium, Enterprise product licensing” This is available in HFSS via “Tools — Options– General Options”.

Introduction to ANSYS nCode

Ansys nCode DesignLife works with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys LS-DYNA to reliably evaluate fatigue life. Using the results of finite element analysis (FEA) from Ansys Mechanical and Ansys LS-DYNA, it accumulates damage from repetitive loading to determine a product’s predicted life. You can quickly evaluate the effects of different materials and alternative geometries for new designs, and then optimize them for the product’s expected usage — long before the first prototype is built or expensive testing takes place.

With a new interface on the Ansys Workbench, you can enjoy a customized workflow that integrates with other products while staying within a single interface. You also have the flexibility to access your nCode user interface directly from Ansys Workbench. The ease-of-use makes the power of nCode DesignLife even easier to realize.

In the video below, you will learn how to run a fatigue analysis in both the Ansys Workbench and nCode user interfaces.


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