Newsletter: Learn how Ansys Electronics Reliability solutions feature comprehensive workflows

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August 18, 2021

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Webinar Series Recordings: Improving Electronic Reliability

If you missed our 5-part webinar series on “Improving Electronics Reliability”, the YouTube video recordings are now available in our YouTube Channel Playlist:

Improving Electronics Reliability Webinar Series

Why is it important?

One of the biggest barriers to getting a product to market is unexpected failures during prototype or physical testing. This can result in numerous design cycles, increased costs, delays, and loss of market share.

Businesses that manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) can solve these issues by introducing simulation early in the design cycle to determine and predict reliability before physical testing.

Overall, the primary questions to be addressed are:

  • How do I meet urgent market demands faster than my competition AND be confident that my product is reliable?
  • How does simulation save me money and expedite the design cycle?
  • What are the current drivers of electronics reliability?
  • What kinds of analysis and testing can I perform using simulation software?

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Newsletter: Using Ansys SIWave to Calculate S and SYZ parameters

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July 7, 2021

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Newsletter: Platform-Level Integration of Antennas, RF Systems and Cables

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June 30, 2021

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Ansys Electronics Reliability - Multiphysics

Webinar Series: Improving Electronic Reliability – Comprehensive Multiphysics

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The third 30-minute webinar in our Improving Electronic Reliability series focuses on multiphysics analysis.

Improving Electronics Reliability: Comprehensive Multiphysics
June 30, 11:00 AM PT

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This webinar will focus on the comprehensive multiphysics aspects of electronic reliability.


  • Addressing thermal demands with miniaturization of electronics
  • Reduce cost of cooling hardware selection
  • Mitigate the risks for system integration


  • End to End validation across various domain using seamless and intuitive workflows
  • Reduce order modeling (ROM) capability to enable system validation under customer duty cycle
  • Variation analysis to understand key sensitivities


  • Understand product performance when subjected to multiple physical conditions
  • Optimized product designs by evaluating Electro-thermo-Mechanical effects
  • Multidomain – Multiscale system level evaluation