Random Vibration (PSD) Analysis with Ansys Mechanical

The purpose of random vibration analysis is to determine the response of structures to vibration loads that are random in nature. An example would be the response of a sensitive electronic component mounted in a car subjected to the vibration from the engine, pavement roughness, and acoustic pressure.

The frequency content of the time history (spectrum) is captured along with the statistics and used as the load in the random vibration analysis. This spectrum, for historical reasons, is called Power Spectral Density or PSD. In a random vibration analysis, since the input excitations are statistical in nature, so are the output responses such as displacements, stresses, and so on.

Ansys Sherlock - Electronics Reliability Prediction Software

Trace Modeling Reinforcement with Ansys Sherlock

When a thermal or thermal-stress analysis is needed for design of electronics PCB or packaging, it is important to consider the impact of copper traces. Historically, traces have been modeled using Effective Material Properties or Mapped Material Properties (Trace Mapping). The most recent and most accurate technique is Trace Reinforcement Modeling used in both Ansys Sherlock (electronics reliability prediction software) and Ansys Mechanical (finite element analysis) software tools.

The Trace Reinforcement Modeling procedure begins by loading ECAD (e.g. ODB++) into Sherlock, then exporting to an Ansys Workbench project (transfering components, materials, etc). Traces are exported from Sherlock using the .STEP file format and imported to the same Workbench project, where assignments are added for thickness and materials.

Using this simple and straightforward technique we can perform detailed and accurate Structural/Thermal/Dynamic/ Thermal-Stress analysis of the electronics assembly. We can calculate temperature, deformation, and stress distributions for the PCB, components and traces.

Ansys Sherlock - Electronics Reliability Prediction Software Ansys Sherlock - Electronics Reliability Prediction Software
Ansys Sherlock - Electronics Reliability Prediction Software Ansys Sherlock - Electronics Reliability Prediction Software


To learn more on how to perform this analysis, please watch this video.

Zuken & ANSYS — Easy Approach to PCB Design

Recently, Ozen Engineering has partnered with Zuken to offer customers a better and comprehensive solution to PCB design. By coupling Zuken CR-8000, a product-centric design platform which enables engineers/designers to have a superior and user-friendly PCB design experience in terms of minimized modeling procedures and powerful built-in PCB design library, with ANSYS Electromagnetic products – Siwave and Icepak, PCB designers are able to enjoy a revolutionized work experience at design level, and to simulate at another. ANSYS Electromagnetic products help designers verify their designs by analyze circuit EMI, power/signal integrity, temperature and heat transfer in IC packages and printed circuit boards. Really, you wouldn’t find a better match than Zuken and Ansys in the PCB field.


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